Our business principle and motto are that the CRO and members of the study team relieve themselves of administrative and logistical tasks as much as possible by entrusting them to us so that they can devote themselves to the research process, and that the course of the study proceeds smoothly.

When organizing and providing services, we are fully adapted to all the specific requirements of partners, taking into account that all actions and activities are carried out in order to fully ensure the quality of the entire distribution chain of the IMP, comparators or supportive therapy, medical devices, equipment, ancillaries and other materials from the manufacturer to the sites.

This process is very challenging due to the specific requirements of local legislation during the process of obtaining import/export licenses, customs clearance and importation. Through significant experience in this type of service and cooperation with many recognized world manufacturers, sponsors, local and international experts, we have gained extensive knowledge, experience and contacts, which gives us the opportunity to quickly achieve high-quality and simple fulfillment of our partners’ requirements. Through constant improvements, we have successfully performed a large number of audits of domestic and foreign companies, where we were ranked as the company with very high ratings through the aspects of meeting quality requirements, defined key performance indicators, legal regulations, good practice guidelines and implemented standards.

As reliable collaborators, we responsibly enable all investigated products and other materials within the clinical study to be delivered quickly, efficiently and safely to each site in accordance with the required transport conditions.

Our main goal is to provide our partners with the most efficient logistics support and optimal supply chain management.