About Us

STIM is committed to retaining a professional position in wholesale business, providing a large number of services in the supply chain of pharmaceutical products, and serving as a promoter of health care for the population. This is achieved by continuous monitoring and increasing productivity of the processes, innovations in business operations and continuous improvement of service quality, preserving business continuity, systems of environmental protection and safety and health at work.

The company is market-oriented and dependent on good relationships with business partners, training of employees, creating new ideas and business vision.



STIM was founded in 2000 as a private company with 100% of domestic capital since its presence on the market, primarily by supplying state and private healthcare facilities with medicines and medical devices.

Constant care of relations with business partners, professional development of employees, creation of new ideas and business visions has created a company that is recognized on the domestic and foreign markets.

STIM is now a full member of the Wholesalers Group in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, through which he is a member of the European Group of Wholesalers of GIRP.


Our mission is to improve the functioning of the health system of the Republic of Serbia, lifting the success of our clients to a higher level, with timely and adequately meet their needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner and to mutual satisfaction.

Our vision is that, as a reliable and professional partner, develop partnerships, following the strategy of meeting the needs of suppliers and customers.


Reliable business associate to all our partners (manufacturers, suppliers, subcontractors, customers and clients), to provide quality logistical support, timely and continuous distribution of a wide range of drugs, medical devices, pharmaceutical substances, chemicals and biocides.

Compliant with relevant domestic and international regulations in the field of distribution in wholesale business, safety and health at work and environmental protection and obligations stated in contracts with partners. proactive in finding potential risks that may undermine the quality system or business continuity, lead to environmental, work safety and health disaster. preventive approach in the environment, reconsidering processes we are managing, especially those that lead to the generation of waste and have an impact on the emissions in the environment.

Committed to continuous improvement of the integrated management system and retaining the status of the first choice for customers and clients, what we achieve with realistic goals and monitoring of their realization.

Focused on the development of individual skills, potentials and motivation of employees in order to improve the services we provide to our clients. targeted improvement of employees in all areas is not only encouraging individuals, but at the same time ensuring the successful development of the entire company.

all employees at stim recognize their responsibility in the management systems and give their contribution to keeping the product quality maintained, the quality of service is constantly improved, the environment is protected, as well as health and safety at the workplace.


Our team consists of permanently employed, professional and motivated people who through their knowledge and responsible work contribute to economic growth, development and strengthening the company’s reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

By investing in knowledge through internal and external training of employees and so far many years of work and projects, we have gained significant experience in the field of logistics, operational and strategic planning, meeting the demands of numerous clients with whom we continue our cooperation for years.


At STIM, our success is attributed to the visionary leadership and strategic guidance provided by our Managing Directors, Biljana Stevanovic and Uros Stevanovic. Their combined expertise, dedication, and innovative approach have been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and establishing its reputation as an industry leader.