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About us

STIM is committed to retaining a professional position in wholesale business, providing a large number of services in the supply chain of pharmaceutical products, and serving as a promoter of health care for the population. This is achieved by continuous monitoring and increasing productivity of the processes, innovations in business operations and continuous improvement of service quality, preserving business continuity, systems of environmental protection and safety and health at work.

Our goals and priorities:

Reliable business associate to all our partners (manufacturers, suppliers, subcontractors, customers and clients), to provide quality logistical support, timely and continuous distribution of a wide range of drugs, medical devices, pharmaceutical substances, chemicals and biocides.

Compliant with relevant domestic and international regulations in the field of distribution in wholesale business, safety and health at work and environmental protection and obligations stated in contracts with partners. Proactive in finding potential risks that may undermine the quality system or business continuity, lead to environmental, work safety and health disaster. Preventive approach in the environment, reconsidering processes we are managing, especially those that lead to the generation of waste and have an impact on the emissions in the environment.

Committed to continuous improvement of the integrated management system and retaining the status of the first choice for customers and clients, what we achieve with realistic goals and monitoring of their realization.

Focused on the development of individual skills, potentials and motivation of employees in order to improve the services we provide to our clients. Targeted improvement of employees in all areas is not only encouraging individuals, but at the same time ensuring the successful development of the entire company.

All employees at STIM recognize their responsibility in the management systems and give their contribution to keeping the product quality maintained, the quality of service is constantly improved, the environment is protected, as well as health and safety at the workplace.

How did it all start

STIM was founded in 2000 as a private company with 100% of domestic capital since its presence on the market, primarily by supplying state and private healthcare facilities with medicines and medical devices.

Constant care of relations with business partners, professional development of employees, creation of new ideas and business visions has created a company that is recognized on the domestic and foreign markets.

STIM is a full member of the Wholesalers Group in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, through which he is a member of the European Group of Wholesalers of GIRP.

Our team

Our team consists of permanently employed, professional and motivated people who through their knowledge and responsible work contribute to economic growth, development and strengthening the company's reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

By investing in knowledge through internal and external training of employees and so far many years of work and projects, we have gained significant experience in the field of logistics, operational and strategic planning, meeting the demands of numerous clients with whom we continue our cooperation for years.

We have decision of MoH for the transport, import, export, storage and distribution of medicines, medical devices and pharmaceutical substances in the original package, then importing, exporting, storing and distributing medicines and medical devices for clinical trials in accordance with the authorization of the Regulatory Agency, decision of MoH of legal entities that perform wholesale trade, ie import and export of psychoactive substances.


We operate in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 for more than a decade. The entire system is verified by SIQ Slovenia. For these ISO standards, we have verified internal verifiers.


We have a warehouse which is provided with video surveillance and alarm, protection against insects and rodents, with limited access to unauthorized persons, protection on windows and doors. The warehouse is externally validated and meets all the requirements required by the legal regulations and directions of the GDP, GSP and GCP. Temperature measurement is digitized with the possibility of on-line monitoring and alarm at any time. All measuring equipment and logistic operating equipment we have is standardized and externally validated. All our facilities and vehicles are equipped with enough fire extinguishers. At the moment, the fleet consists of four commercial vehicles, three with a built-in transport chamber for transport in a controlled condition and one with a portable chamber for transport in a controlled condition. All vehicles are externally qualified. For services we engage subcontractors who must be qualified according to our SOP.

How we do business

As part of the community in which it operates, STIM is aware of the importance and needs of the impact on the improvement of general social conditions, promotion of real values ​​and the need to invest some of the profits into the community. As the most important segments of corporate social responsibility, we emphasize the attitude towards the community, our employees, their safety and health at work as well as the environment. STIM pays special attention to arranging a safe work environment for its employees in all its facilities.

Environmental protection is an integral part of everyday business of STIM.

The environmental management system in STIM was created to ensure compliance with applicable legislation, and to continuously monitor and improve the company's performance in this area.

Within the STIM business, different types of waste are generated. In this regard, STIM has set a clear goal to develop the concept of responsible and efficient waste management. In accordance with the principles of responsible business, STIM advocates the rational use of natural resources, encourages reuse and recycling of products in order to reduce environmental pollution and degradation of space.

STIM d.o.o.


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