STIM d.o.o. was founded in 2000 as a private company with 100% domestic capital since it is occurring in the market.
 Our strategy to make strong connections with partners and customers, continuous improvement of business processes and the adoption of new ones.



Our mission is to improve the functioning of the health system of the Republic of Serbia, lifting the success of our clients to a higher level, with timely and adequately meet their needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner and to mutual satisfaction.

Our vision is that, as a reliable and professional partner, develop partnerships, following the strategy of meeting the needs of suppliers and customers.



The company is market-oriented and dependent on good relationships with business partners, training of employees, creating new ideas and business vision.



Our team consists of seven full-time employees, professional and motivated people with the knowledge and responsible work contribute to economic growth, development and strengthening the company's reputation, both in the domestic and foreign market.
 Company successfully managing directors Biljana Stevanovic and Uros Stevanovic.



The company has been operating since 2005, according to ISO 9001, and since 2009, by the standards of ISO 13485 and ISO14001. Since 2015, the scope of certification was extended to pharmaceutical raw materials and clinical research.



Medical devices - Program of medical devices includes products of renowned domestic and foreign producers.

Drugs - drugs program covers drugs of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical substances - Program includes pharmaceutical ingredients of pharmaceutical chemicals in original packaging comply with European directives, which are used for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, military, food and other industries.

Equipment - The equipment includes mechanical and electrical equipment of renowned manufacturers, harmonized with European directives.

Packaging - The packaging includes packaging made of glass and plastic for different purposes, but differs in its quality, features and price.



Support clinical trials includes obtaining import and export licenses for the purposes of clinical studies, import, export, procurement, storage and distribution of medicines and medical devices in clinical studies, as well as organizing the destruction of medical waste through subcontractors.

Providing storage - The company has a warehouse area of ​​108m2, which is secured alarm, video surveillance, armored doors and protected windows, with limited access to authorized persons. Able to offer a service storage of goods to high standards of safety and traceability department.

Consulting services include project development, acquisition, processing and presentation of information obtained from public and private institutions, brokerage.



Company name: STIM d.o.o.
Address: Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 115, 11070 Beograd
Core business: 4646 Wholesale of pharmaceutical products
Identification number: 17243209
Tax ID: 100228299
Bank accounts: 205-2890-51, 285-54113220001-48, 160-349866-18
Telephone: +381 11 301 8480
Fax: +381 11 214 6842
Email: office@stim.rs
Warehouse address: Isidora Stojanovića 92, 11080 Zemun